Jameel Arts Centre Dubai

 Late 2018 will mark the opening of the Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, one of the first not-for-profit contemporary arts institutions in the city. The Centre will be located on Dubai Creek, at the tip of Culture Village. The 10,000-square-metre complex will be home to multiple gallery spaces and an open-access research library dedicated to artists and cultural movements of the Arab world. The Jameel Arts Centre is positioned as a hub for educational initiatives and cultural events; the roof-top terrace will host screenings and events, and the Centre also includes outdoor sculpture areas, a bookshop, and eateries. Exhibitions will run year-round, drawn from the Jameel Art Collection, plus regional and international solo and group shows. 

The Jameel Arts Centre Dubai is designed by UK-based Serie Architects who conceived it as a series of boxes of varying dimensions that are bound together by a one-storey-high colonnade. The building’s design offers a flexible and rich curatorial potential – from intimate spaces for capsule exhibitions through to large galleries with soaring heights for sculptural and installation works. Renowned landscape architect Anouk Vogel has drawn inspiration from local flora for the concept for the courtyards that punctuate the building: each outdoor space will represent a distinct desert environment, and include some rare plants sourced from the UAE and around the world.

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Art Jameel’s mandate includes a focus on excavating, documenting, and playing a role in creating, cultural histories of the GCC and wider Middle East. The Jameel Arts Centre Dubai, due to open in the winter of 2018, will include an open access library and research centre, designed to include books, papers, theses, artists’ archives, and ephemera. The library and research centre will be a place to access, analyse, and build art histories of the Gulf region and beyond, and also offering local audiences access to information on international artists. 

As part of our ongoing research programme, we have partnered with the National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates at the Biennale di Venezia 2017, working together to broaden the research around the exhibition conceived by curator Hammad Nasar. The curatorial team and artists – both those participating in the exhibition and a wider group of artists, poets and writers active in the UAE – are contributing to the research project, which builds on the theme of ‘play’ referenced by the exhibition ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: Positions in Play’, opening in May at the UAE Pavilion in Venice.

Further details about the centre and its programme area available for download here