Art Jameel is pioneering the use of innovative technologies to preserve heritage and to support creative enterprises that are rooted in local heritage.

In a landmark project in 2017, Art Jameel partnered with the Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation to record endangered heritage in two locations in Saudi Arabia: the old town of Jeddah, and the southern highlands of Asir.

With a combination of laser scanning and photogrammetry, Art Jameel and the Factum Foundation recorded the delicate mangour woodwork of the window-frames in the old town of Jeddah, gypsum relief carvings, carved wooden doors, and whole buildings of coral-stone.

In Asir, the team worked in remote villages and abandoned houses close to collapse, recording mural paintings in the qut tradition, which display a complex language of geometry and colour, unique to Asir.

In addition to the recording work, Art Jameel offered a workshop, based at the Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah, with theory and practical instruction for local Saudi artists in how to use these technologies and skills for recording heritage and in a contemporary setting.

Into the future, we see opportunities to apply these technologies in creative enterprises, empowering communities and preserving traditions and culture in a sustainable way.

This combination of innovative digital technology and the preservation of the past perfectly embodies Art Jameel’s approach to heritage work: past and future.

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