Hayy Learning: Navigating the Contemporary Art Scene

A new intensive and dynamic programme exploring the contemporary art scene and cultural landscapes of Saudi Arabia

Navigating the Contemporary Art Scene is an intensive learning programme for artists based in Saudi Arabia, developed by Art Jameel, taking place in Jeddah between September 2019 and December 2019.

The programme’s objective is to support emerging and upcoming Saudi-based artists in developing their practices; in mapping and navigating the arts and cultural landscapes of KSA; and in exploring the opportunities therein.

The programme will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, site visits and readings that collectively allow participants to:

(1) Unpack the development of recent Saudi art history; explore where the Saudi art scene is today; and debate where it will go

(2) Develop essential professional development skills, including writing proposals and artist statements; building and packaging portfolios; developing production plans and budgets; and exploring the possibilities of alternative art spaces and projects

(3) Learn about global trends in contemporary art concepts, curation and thinking, and think critically about the role of artists in the regional and international art scape.

Programme ethos
This visual arts strand of Hayy: Learning aims to cultivate a creative like-minded community of artists and arts professionals, and actively encourage collaboration, co-learning (from one another), and a communal approach to tackling the challenges faced in the creative scene. It also aims to equip artists with the know-how to take their practices to the next level and nurture Saudi’s growing, contemporary art landscape.

About Hayy: Learning
Hayy: Learning is an educational platform for artists and creatives based in Saudi Arabia. Through bespoke courses, workshops and public talks, Hayy Learning nurtures talent, skills and knowledge development, across art, film, theatre, music and beyond. The programme will be delivered at Hayy: Creative Hub, Jeddah once the complex opens in 2020; meantime, in 2019, Hayy: Learning’s visual arts strand will be delivered at partner venues in Jeddah.

Programme format
The programme is a blend of two formats: intensive weeks of tutor-led workshops and lectures, plus guided online learning and research, extending from 15 September to 7 December.

The tutor-led sessions are delivered by visiting specialists over 3 weeks (5 days each) in locations in Jeddah in September, October and December 2019.

Throughout the four-month period, the course will live online, through assignments, readings and prompts for further discussions. Participants will need to be prepared to take on a more self-guided approach to connecting these wider themes with their own practice.

Programme dates

Week 1
September 17-21, 2019

Week 2
October 22-26, 2019

Week 3
December 3-7, 2019

Programme access
By participating in the programme, participants will have access to:

  • Visiting tutors and mentors
  • A dynamic and active online platform
  • A network of active peers
  • Opportunity to visit studios and spaces
  • Readings

This programme is for

  • Artists looking to develop a career in the arts and locate this within international histories and trends in critical thinking
  • Artists looking to deepen their knowledge of the Saudi arts scene, its history, development and emerging spaces and roles within it
  • Artists looking to advance their professional skills in writing, financial literacy and legal matters
  • Artists committed to active and critical participation in conversations/discussions taking place throughout the course, both physically and virtually

All queries should be directed to [email protected]