Hayy:Learning is a community educational platform for artists and creatives based in Saudi Arabia.

Through bespoke courses, workshops and public talks, Hayy:Learning nurtures talent, skills and knowledge development, across art, film, theatre, music and beyond. The programme will be delivered at Hayy:Creative Hub, Jeddah once the complex opens in 2021; meantime, in 2019, Hayy:Learning’s visual arts strand will be delivered at partner venues in Jeddah.

In 2020-21, Hayy:Learning launches a new initiative dedicated to curatorial studies. The first edition of the Hayy:Learning Curatorial Fellowship aims to support the development of rigorous research and practice-based modes of exhibition-making and to create opportunities for multidisciplinary research. The year-long course also covers essential, everyday aspects of institutional exhibition-making and project management.

The Fellowship kicks off with online sessions in May 2020 and continues over a 12-month period hosted at Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai and Hayy:Arts, Jeddah, led by Art Jameel’s curatorial team with international core and visiting guest tutors. The Fellowship involves mentorship, theory, apprenticeship, practical experience and knowledge exchange, and the development of individual research and exhibition proposals.

The selection process opened with receiving nominations from leading members of the arts community in Saudi Arabia, including established artists, gallerists, curators, collectors and educators. This was followed by a rigorous process of adjudication of research proposals submitted by the nominees, and an interview process examining the depth of their research interests, considerations on research methodologies, exhibition-making practice, and a display of commitment to working with the public and arts community in Saudi Arabia.

The participating fellows selected for the 2020-21 fellowship programme are Abdullah Al-MutairiTara Emad Al-Dughaither and Wejdan Reda: congratulations to all! Between them, the fellows represent a wide breadth of research interests that will evolve throughout the programme.

Abdullah Al-Mutairi is researching visual cultures and the notion of the marginal image circulating online plus the tension between the subjectivity of the persons authoring these images and their interpretation.

Tara Emad Al-Dughaiter – drawing from her own practice as a vocalist – is researching the experiences of female folk musicians around different regions in Saudi Arabia, thinking of modes that would allow for these diminishing immaterial forms to be self-represented and retrieved into contemporary culture.

Wejdan Reda is researching contemporary art canons and critical discourses in Arabic, drawing from situated knowledge and histories of knowledge production in relation to contemporary art in a globalised world.

Past Hayy:Learning Editions

Hayy:Learning – Navigating the Contemporary Art Scene

In advance of the launch of Hayy:Creative Hub in 2021, Navigating the Contemporary Art Scene was designed to respond to the needs of the Saudi arts scene and support emerging and upcoming Saudi-based artists in developing their skills and career-development, and tracing local and regional arts histories. It took place over the course of four months from September to December, 2019.

Through an open call, the 15 following participants were invited to join the programme by sharing their insights and practices. The participants included: Ahmed Sofi, Ammar Jimman, Ayman Daydban, Aziz Jamal, Balqis Al Rashed, Bashaer Hawsawi, Daniah Alsaleh, Fai Ahmad, Joud Fahmi, Khaled Al Tubaishi, Majed Angawi, Maisa Shaldan, Meshaal Alzeer, Moath Alofi and Zainab Mumtaz.

Sessions were delivered by local, regional and international guest tutors including artists, curators, gallerists and other practitioners, supported by locally-based bilingual Art Jameel tutors. Visiting tutors and speakers included: Abdulnasser Gharem, Abdulrahman Gazzaz, Antonia Carver, Claire Davies, Dawn Ross, Dr. Lina Kattan, Dr. Zahra Al Ghamdi, Kevin Jones, Lana Shamma, Manal Al Dowayan, Maryam Al Dabbagh, Maya El Khalil, Monira Al Qadiri, Nahla Al-Tabbaa,  Pablo Del Val, Salma Tuqan, Sara Al Omran, Soundouss Abousekhra, Turki Gazzaz and Uns Kattan.

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