Jameel House Online

Jameel House Online is a programme of free, bilingual online workshops inspired by the traditional arts. Intended for artists and enthusiasts of all levels, including children, the workshops combine traditional arts with contemporary materials easily available around the home. The workshops are led by artists and craftspeople, including alumni from the Jameel Houses of Traditional Arts, Art Jameel’s network of heritage institutions in Jeddah and Cairo.

The first series of workshops include painting the Flower of Life design with coffee, and making home decorations with geometric stars, both led by Rana AlAmoudi; making traditional kites at home, led by The Aleph Journal; crocheting an eight-pointed star using waste plastic bags, led by {Kees Chic}; traditional paper-making by hand using scrap card and paper, led by Ammar Jiman; and ornamental drawing with Islamic geometry, led by Marwa Turkestani.

These online workshops offer an opportunity for artists of all levels of experience, including children, to try their hand at crafts.