Photography Jameel was launched in 2017 to build on the momentum of the Art Jameel Photography Award (AJPA) that ran between 2010 and 2016., It welcomed more than 3000 participants – an indication of the interest in and enthusiasm for photography in the Kingdom. Photography Jameel focusses on year-round learning and community development with workshops, portfolio reviews, talks and more. With the aim of nurturing the grassroots movement in Saudi Arabia, the programmes provide opportunities for photographers and artists to share experiences and techniques, plus access to expertise and networks. A number of AJPA alumni and Photography Jameel participants’ works are currently on show at Project Space Art Jameel in Dubai as part of Collaboration: Saudi Seen, which is showcasing talent and the diversity of art photography practice from the Kingdom. The exhibition culminates with a panel on February 11, 2018 as part of GPP Photo Week.

In November 2017, Photography Jameel ran a series of talks and workshops themed aroundphotobooks and zines. Activities ranged from a photo journey in the Balad of Jeddah, curating photos and creating a collective photobook.

Last year, a collaboration with Pharan Studio brought to fruition the first community darkroom in Jeddah, which established the foundation for a set of intensive three-day workshops that took place during February 2017 with US-based photographer Osama Esid.

Initiatives continue throughout the year across Saudi Arabia; all interested artists and photographers are welcome to join by signing up here.