Art Jameel Commissions: Sculpture

Terms and Conditions

Stage One

I) A panel of eminent jurors will select the winning commission. By registering his/her interest and submitting his/her details and concept proposals, the artist agrees to be bound by the rules and terms and conditions of entry and by the decision of the judging organisation, which is final and binding in all aspects, being specified that jurors are not obliged to provide reasons for their decision.

II) Jurors will not enter into correspondence with artists.

III) Only one artist (or collective, should the application be made as a duo/group) will be commissioned.

IV) Designs must be the artist’s own work and not breach any third party’s intellectual property rights in any way. Artists must declare the names of any third parties who may have intellectual property, moral or other rights in any part of the work submitted. Artists must be able to demonstrate on demand that any third party rights have been assigned, licensed or waived as appropriate for all relevant purposes. In the case of copyright infringement, the artists will assume full responsibility, the commission will be cancelled and the artist will reimburse the commissioner any fees paid and costs incurred.

V) All submissions must comply with the rules and if they do not comply they shall be disqualified.

VI) By completing a submission, artists’ contact information will be entered into Art Jameel’s database.

Stage Two

I) Artists shall agree to take part in related promotional photographs, interviews and similar publicity activities as may be reasonably requested. Notably the use of the artist’s name, biography and image of work may be used for publicity.

II) Artists who are invited to second stage must make their drawings available for display should the commissioner choose to exhibit them.

III) Shortlisted concept drawings will be owned by Art Jameel.

IV) The final sculpture will be owned by Art Jameel.

V) The artist will retain copyright for the design.

VI) A commissioning contract and any other necessary contracts will be executed by the commissioned artist and Art Jameel setting out each parties’ rights and obligations under the Commission.

VII) Should the installation of the winning commission involve grounds outside of the Arts Centre, it could be subject to municipality and other permissions. Should the need arise to adjust the concept in accordance with such regulations, Art Jameel and its panel of technical experts will advise the artist, and full cooperation and understanding is expected.