الفن جميل للتكليفات الفنية: المجسمات الفنية الوسائل البصرية الإضافية والأسئلة الشائعة

الموعد النهائي: 21 نوفمبر، 2017

This section provides applicants with additional FAQs and supplementary visuals including a SketchUp 3D mass-model* and model pictures of the Jameel Arts Centre.

To download the visuals, please click here.


Q How long does the work need to be exhibited for?

A We are open to all suggestions re the permanence and longevity of the work. We request that it is active at Jameel Arts Centre for a year (minimum).

Q What are the main sites for the installation?

A The installation can be a projection or an object (or another format).

  • It could be situated or projected onto any of the walls from the area in front of the building or within the space/building itself.
  • Or located at the rooftop space between the two buildings or in/around the building.

Q Does the final work need to emit light?

A The purpose for choosing light is for it to be visible and have a nocturnal presence. We are also open to other mediums or technologies that allow for the installation to be noticeable at night (and preferably also have a presence during the day).

Q Can it be an existing work?

A As this is a commission, we are looking for new ideas and works. However, if you have an existing work or idea, which can be further developed in light of the site and environment of Jameel Arts Centre, then that is also acceptable. The work (-in-progress) cannot have been previously exhibited in public or affiliated with any other institution.

Q Can the installation take various forms and/or be sited in more than one location around the building?

A Yes, the installation can take various forms and comprise of several components around the building.

Q Can the installation be located both indoors and outdoors?

A Preferably; it should be mainly sited outdoors.

Q If I get shortlisted, will I be able to visit the site?

A To avoid unfair advantage, no site visit permissions will be granted aside from the commissioned artist. However, our ‘council of experts’, including engineers and architects, will be able to advise re the particulars of the building.

Q As my measurements are approximations, can I adjust them later on in the process?

A Yes, measurements and scalability can alter both in stage two and three so long as it has been agreed upon with the technical team.

Q Can the installation be interactive?

A Yes, artists can explore interactive elements for the commission.

Q Can I apply with other artists or practitioners working in another media, e.g. dance or performance?

A Yes, applying as a multidisciplinary collective is fine, as long as the work has a semi-permanent presence, even when it isn’t being ‘activated’ through performance (for example).

Q How can I use the tape measure in SketchUp?

A Here’s a useful video tutorial that explains how to use the tape measure.



* The SketchUp model provided is a mass-model of the Jameel Arts Centre that is intended to be used strictly for Art Jameel Commissions: Sculpture applications. The measurements provided are approximations for the purposes of concept design.