Hayy: Creative Hub

Art Jameel recently announced that construction has begun on a new development, set to open in Saudi Arabia in the winter of 2019-2020. This development is named Hayy: Creative Hub – derived from the Arabic word for neighbourhood – referring to the community-oriented nature of the complex, and the ways in which the partner organisations are working together to present the full diversity of the arts. The 17,000-square-metre creative community will be the first bespoke home for the creative industries in Jeddah. It includes spaces for 12 partner organisations (art and design galleries, performance and comedy clubs, cafes, an entrepreneurship incubator and digital studio for filmmakers), plus a theatre, exhibition and events spaces, artists’ studios and an Art Jameel-run arts centre, designed to curate and host local and international art exhibitions. Hayy: Creative Hub reflects Art Jameel’s commitment to supporting artists, creative communities, and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Art Jameel commissioned ibda design to design Hayy: Creative Hub as a place that will act as a major new destination for Jeddah, bringing together a range of cultural experiences in one neighbourhood. The three-storey, dynamic, contemporary development features open internal courtyards surrounded by shaded terraces and walkways. Shared events spaces are designed for a range of activities − from performances and exhibitions to conferences and community markets. Hayy: Creative Hub will act as an incubator for creatives and entrepreneurs; it will bring together and nurture Saudi Arabian artists, playwrights, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and others, along with the enthusiastic audiences that support them.

Art Jameel will be announcing news regularly about Hayy: Creative Hub from now until the opening: please check this page, and follow hashtag #hayyjeddah for updates.

For more information, visit the Press page to read the press release and view the architectural briefing sheet.

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