The Art Jameel weather station

June 2022 - June 2024

World Weather Network

Art Jameel is one of 28 arts organisations from around the world forming the World Weather Network, a global ‘weather reporting’ project running from June 2022 to June 2023.

‘World Weather’ amplifies our understanding of weather and connects the voices of artists and lived experience in a climate crisis without precedent. Mindful of complex atmospheric concerns and caring for our global co-habitants, the World Weather Network shares different weather realities to raise the voice of the arts in our times of crisis.

From each station in the network, artists and writers will share their weather worlds on the new World Weather Network online platform, creating a conversation of world voices through observations, stories and forecasts. Engaging scientists, environmentalists and concerned communities, the World Weather Network brings together diverse world views and different knowledge systems, localities and languages.

Art Jameel’s weather station, located in the desert gardens, library and public spaces of the Jameel Arts Centre, explores atmospheric humidity, a central climatic marker of the Arabian Gulf, accompanied by on-site air-to-water generators, providing visitors with fresh drinking water and insights into daily humidity and weather conditions. 

Relative Humidity

The Art Jameel station’s weather reports primarily take the form of a narrative podcast titled Relative Humidity, featuring artists and writers exploring The Threshold, Sweat and Labour and Techno futures. Contributors to the podcast series include: Noush Anand, Nadim Choufi, Nadine Khalil, Nidhi Mahajan and Deepak Unnikrishnan among others. 

Relative Humidity explores atmospheric humidity-  a measure of water vapour in the air and a central climatic marker of the Arabian Gulf. As temperatures rise around the globe, so do humidity levels – with vast consequences for human and non-human life.

The podcast is available on Spotify, openly accessible on SoundCloud and can be explored via the World Weather Network website.

The Jameel Arts Centre weather stations located in the gardens and lobby, where atmospheric water generators create high quality  drinking water from the air. Art Jameel thanks Eshara Water, providers of atmospheric water generators, for their support. 

About the World Weather Network

The world’s weather is not what it was. We see glaciers melting and water levels rising. Some lands are flooded and others are parched. Everywhere is heating up. Formed in response to the climate emergency, the World Weather Network is a constellation of weather stations set up by 27 arts agencies around the world and is an invitation to look, listen, learn, and act. From June 21, 2022 to June 21, 2023, artists, writers and communities will share observations, stories, reflections and images about their local weather, creating an archipelago of voices and viewpoints. Engaging climate scientists and environmentalists, the World Weather Network brings together diverse world views and different ways of understanding the weather across multiple localities and languages.

Partner organisations include: ARTANGEL, London; ARTINGENIUM, San Sebastián; ART SONJE CENTER, Seoul; BUNDANON, New South Wales; DHAKA ART SUMMIT, Bangladesh; ENOURA OBSERVATORY, Japan; NICOLETTA FIORUCCI FOUNDATION, Grasse; FOGO ISLAND ARTS, Newfoundland; FONDAZIONE SANDRETTO RE REBAUDENGO, Torino; HOLT-SMITHSON FOUNDATION, New Mexico; ICELANDIC ARTS CENTRE, Reykjavik; IHME HELSINKI, Helsinki; KHOJ, New Delhi; MALI, Lima; MCAD, Manila; NEON, Athens; NGO, Johannesburg; WAAG, Amsterdam; RUYA FOUNDATION, Iraq; SAHA, Istanbul; SOPHIA POINT, Guyana; TERRA FOUNDATION, Comporta; TE TUHI, Aotearoa / New Zealand; UCCA, Beijing / Qinhuangdao; YINKA SHONIBARE FOUNDATION, Lagos / Ijebu; 32 DEGREES EAST, Uganda