Crocheting plastic bags into geometric art with {Kees Chic}


Join Diana Rayyan, founder of social enterprise {Kees Chic}, in upcycling plastic waste into art. Combining principles of reuse, traditional Islamic geometry and the craft of crocheting, Diana will show you how to turn your plastic bags into a decorative eight-pointed star.

The workshop builds on the [Tent], {Kees Chic}’s ongoing initiative to produce the world’s first tent made of 100,000 plastic bags. To contribute your work to the project, join {Kees Chic}’s dedicated Facebook group.

Chapter 1: Crochet a basic design
Chapter 2: Turn your design into a star

Suitable for beginners, kids and parents, teens and adults
**Little hands might need their parents’ help doing this activity

20-30 plastic grocery bags
Crochet hook
Measuring tape or ruler

About {Kees Chic}
{Kees Chic} is a social enterprise that creates local handmade urban products out of waste plastic bags, working with local, marginalised artisans in the MENA region. Incubated at at Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College (MBSC), {Kees Chic} has won awards from the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and beyond.