Performing Art Workshop

September 24, 2018

6pm-9pm in Project Space Art Jameel, Warehouse 42, Alserkal Avenue

Ages: 16+

Limited space available for workshop participants, to register and book your place email your details to RSVP@artjameel.org by September 23, 2018.

Open Studios artist Sara Masinaei leads Performing Art Workshop, inspired by Black Market International, performance-based artist movement founded in Poland in 1985 to promote open and free exchange of ideas and art encounters.

Performing Art Workshop is an open-situation durational collaborative performance workshop open to participants with some or no background and experience in performing arts.

The three-hour free workshop promotes creative expression through basic performance skills and it’s teaching methodology uses the creative process as a vehicle for curiosity, self-discovery and the desire for transformation and knowledge. It encourages participants to imagine operating in and responding to situations, stimuli and each other differently, practicing living fully in the present moment.

The workshop employs simple yet effective breathing techniques, nonverbal communication and wordless cues such as body language, distance and voice and concludes with a forty-minutes-long collaborative performance open to the public.

Inspired by the possibilities in mundane and repetitive actions and rejecting choreographed performances, Black Market Performances focus on the art of encounter where there are no common themes. The performance has no predetermined starting point, script or agenda.

Sara Masinaei is a multidisciplinary artist. The development of Masinaei’s research and practice draw on underlying sociopolitical nuances of Middle East in its cultural evolution and the collective and idiosyncratic narratives of arts; attempting to question contexts and presuppositions of political narratives. She completed her BFA at American University of Dubai (2004) and received her MFA from Central St. Martins, University of the Arts London (2011).

Image courtesy of Sara Masinaei.