Summer in Al-Balad

June 8 – July 18, 2019

Art Jameel is delivering a programme of free public workshops that celebrate the heritage of Jeddah’s historic district, Al-Balad. The programme focuses on children and families, especially communities living in Al-Balad, and uses craft and the traditional arts to foster artistic engagement with the rich architectural heritage of old Jeddah, and to address challenges with waste and sustainability.

Art Jameel’s programme comprises:

  1. a series of workshops in traditional arts, such as geometry, ceramics and gypsum-carving, delivered by alumni of the Jameel House of Traditional Arts / Jeddah;
  2. two workshops – using waste paper and card to make lights in traditional geometric styles; and introducing the Islamic tradition of ceramics through clay-pressing – delivered in partnership with KHAM; and
  3. a third workshop – using waste plastic bags and traditional Arabian embroidery to make coasters – is delivered in partnership with Kees Chic.

The workshops form part of the Ministry of Culture’s Jeddah Historic Festival and the Saudi Art Council’s inaugural 21,39 Summer Edition, curated by Bricklab.

To attend, please complete the forms linked below:

Traditional arts workshops at the Jameel House

Ceramics: one workshop of 6 sessions, June 10-12 and 16-18, 6pm-8.30pm

Parquetry: one workshop of 4 sessions, June 23-26, 6pm-9pm

Clay Pressing, Saturday, June 29, 5pm-7pm

Geometric patterns (for children aged 8-14): June 29, 5pm-7pm

Geometric patterns of Al-Balad (for adults): June 30, 6pm-8pm

Geometric patterns of Al-Balad (for adults): July 7, 6pm-8pm

2D geometric shapes (for children aged 3-8): July 6, 5pm-7pm

Kees Chic, Saturday, July 6, 5pm-7pm

3D geometric shapes (for children aged 5-8): July 13, 5pm-7pm

Paper and Light, Saturday, July 13, 5pm-7pm

Gypsum carving: one workshop of 6 sessions, July 3-4 and 8-11, 6pm-9pm

The Jameel House is located here.

Transforming waste into art through craft

These workshops, in collaboration with KHAM and Kees Chic, are delivered as part of the Saudi Art Council’s 21,39 Summer Edition and are aimed at the community of Al-Balad.