Tier Categories: Organizations and Venues

Dar Onboz (Lebanon)

Dar Onboz is a Lebanese publishing house and multi-disciplinary creative platform that produces high-quality Arabic books for readers of all ages, along with storytelling performances, plays, films, songs, educational tools, games and exhibitions. The Dar Onboz Cultural Space in Beirut is a multidisciplinary venue celebrating regional tales, art, crafts, and heritage through a diverse youth-focused […]

Think Tangier (Morocco)

Think Tangier is a multi-disciplinary non-profit cultural platform promoting culture, creativity, innovation, and knowledge exchange within Tangier, Morocco. The organisation convenes artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and local communities to foster dialogue on urban development and cultural policies. Think Tangier is currently transitioning its venues into more carbon-neutral spaces by adopting eco-friendly lighting, environmentally friendly art materials, […]

The Wonder Cabinet (Palestine)

The Wonder Cabinet is a Bethlehem-based production facility and cultural space that brings together people and initiatives through experimental projects and productions encompassing the visual and sound arts, artisanship, design, architecture, food, research, and education. The most recent addition to its community spaces is the Wonder Cabinet Community Garden, aimed at reducing the organisation’s environmental […]

Tarkib (Iraq)

Tarkib is a Baghdad-based platform that unites artists and cultural practitioners dedicated to promoting emerging local artists through research, training, and the production and presentation of contemporary art. The platform’s Bait Tarkib is being developed into a flagship creative art centre, exemplifying holistic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly living and working. Their project will create and […]

Yabous Cultural Centre (Palestine)

Yabous is a non-governmental Palestinian organisation that established the largest cultural centre in Jerusalem, offering a venue for celebrating and sharing cultural traditions and fostering artistic interaction. Their Enlighten Yabous: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Initiative aims to enhance the centre’s energy efficiency by conducting an energy audit and investing in energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting, […]

Balloon Organization (Syria)

Balloon is a collective of passionate young individuals from humanitarian and civil society backgrounds. Based in Raqqa, they are dedicated to bringing joy and resilience to conflict-affected children and communities by creating safe spaces for learning, healing, and economic empowerment. Project Carbon Negative Raqqa aims to foster sustainable urban lifestyles by enhancing environmental literacy and […]

Touria and Abdel Aziz Tazi Foundation (Morocco)

The Touria and Abdelaziz Tazi Foundation is dedicated to promoting creation and culture through its multidisciplinary cultural space, L’uZine, in Casablanca. Muchtale is a rooftop garden at L’uZine, established to tackle the city’s ecological challenges and scarcity of green spaces.  This innovative project aims to enhance urban green infrastructure and raise environmental awareness, especially among […]