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Al-Wah’at Collective (Palestine)

Al-Wah’at is an artist research collective committed to fostering communal practices in ecologies typically considered hostile and barren through field and archival research that utilises local materials and image-making. Their proposal titled Wild Hedges examines the ecological and socio-political complexities of the prickly pear cactus and its phytophagous cochineal insect across multiple geographies, communities and […]

IWLab (Syria)

IWlab is a multidisciplinary laboratory co-founded by Syrian artists and educators Iyas Shahin and Wesam Al Asali that explores cultural and architectural design research, education and practice. Mansaj, an extension of the lab’s exploration of Syrian crafts, centres on plant harvesting, preparation and production ecologies, examining how traditional art forms adapt to climate degradation and […]

Saif Fradj (Tunisia)

Saif Fradj is a Tunisian artist and co-founder of the Bouma and South of Ajdabiya collectives. His multidisciplinary work explores the fragility of reality through themes of strangeness, national borders and identity in a neo-colonial context. His proposal, A Pomegranate Falls, examines the interplay of environmental degradation, industrial pollution and climate change in Gabes, Tunisia, […]

Wissem El-Abed (Tunisia)

Wissem El-Abed is a Tunisian visual artist originally from the Kerkennah Islands, whose works span image-making, installations, and assemblages. Through his multidisciplinary practice, El-Abed illustrates the transformative changes of our current era that shape relationships of otherness and conditions of mobility. Island Gauze Station is a symbolic Noah’s Ark, an architectural sculpture built partly from […]

Broudou (Tunis)

Broudou is a multidisciplinary learning collective dedicated to artistic research on ecology, agriculture and food. Working alongside researchers, farmers and artists, Broudou School explores the future of food from a decolonial, ecological, alternative and feminist perspective through a range of public engagements in collaboration with the artist residency and project space Mouhit in Tunis.

Halgurd Ahmed Mohammed (Kurdistan Region, Iraq)

Halgurd Ahmed Mohammed is a Kurdish contemporary visual artist and lecturer at the Sulaimani University’s College of Fine Arts in Iraq. His artistic practice is concerned with the use of Kurdish, English and Islamic texts within a Middle East art context, as well as shedding light on environmental issues facing both the Kurdistan Region and […]

Mohammed Alkouh (Kuwait)

Mohammed Alkouh is a Kuwaiti photographer who employs analog photography, illustration and archival materials to explore themes of liminality, transience and the ever-present impact of the historical on contemporary life. Seasonal Territories is a photographic research project that delves into the evolution of Bedouin desert life, focusing on changes in tent structures as a result […]

Dar Onboz (Lebanon)

Dar Onboz is a Lebanese publishing house and multi-disciplinary creative platform that produces high-quality Arabic books for readers of all ages, along with storytelling performances, plays, films, songs, educational tools, games and exhibitions. The Dar Onboz Cultural Space in Beirut is a multidisciplinary venue celebrating regional tales, art, crafts, and heritage through a diverse youth-focused […]

Think Tangier (Morocco)

Think Tangier is a multi-disciplinary non-profit cultural platform promoting culture, creativity, innovation, and knowledge exchange within Tangier, Morocco. The organisation convenes artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and local communities to foster dialogue on urban development and cultural policies. Think Tangier is currently transitioning its venues into more carbon-neutral spaces by adopting eco-friendly lighting, environmentally friendly art materials, […]

The Wonder Cabinet (Palestine)

The Wonder Cabinet is a Bethlehem-based production facility and cultural space that brings together people and initiatives through experimental projects and productions encompassing the visual and sound arts, artisanship, design, architecture, food, research, and education. The most recent addition to its community spaces is the Wonder Cabinet Community Garden, aimed at reducing the organisation’s environmental […]